The best companion of ice cream is handmade chocolate. To maintain our high level, our chocolatiers have chosen cru cocoa single origin from the main production areas of cocoa beans as Ecuador, Venezuela and Madagascar.

Thanks to the certifications of the products we use, we can guarantee the quality of the product, from the crop to our shops.

Chocolate in all its forms , presented in our stores , is divided into the following categories :     
 Tablets (various weight and dimensions )   
  Hot chocolate

The origin of products

cacao materia prima
The pursuit of excellence

In the long production chain of chocolate , a starring role belongs to the raw material . The products we use have an assortment of dark chocolate , excellent quality using backgrounds from selected sources : the Grand Cru of the Dominican Republic and single origin .

The result is a range of chocolates of superlative quality , which are expressed with distinct characteristics , expression of the typical characteristics of each territory , the genotype of the cocoa plants and of each harvest season . The chocolate is suitable to be tasted through pralines , Pezzoni , Cremoni , tablets of various sizes, but also for the preparation of mousse for frozen desserts and as preparation for the hot chocolates

The origin of the raw material from two valuable CRU origin , made ​​with seeds from individual plantations of the Dominican Republic ” Los Palmaritos ” and ” Los Vasquez ” , were subjected to a rigorous discipline that led to the designation of controlled origin guaranteed .

The origins

Ecuador and Madagascar , Dominican Republic , Peru and São Tomé , countries where the cultivation of cocoa has played a significant role in the economy , in the history and culture of the peoples , but also new development of cocoa as Uganda . Adagio uses only the best of each source to provide chocolate superlative quality , which is expressed with distinct characteristics .


All the raw materials to make our proposals chocolate adopt strict protocols . These quality controls include rigorous tests conducted on several levels , from raw material to finished product , through all stages of production .

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