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Coffee  – Partnership with HAUSBRANDT

In our path MADE IN ITALY could not miss the coffee . In all our outlets you can enjoy a unique coffee, but with thirteen different flavors to suit every need.

By partnering with HAUSBRANDT we can boast a range of high quality coffee and different origin of raw materials. In Hausbrandt, for over a century, tradition and experience are complemented by knowledge and technological innovation in order to create a deep and authentic culture of good coffee.

The perfect combination of single origins and different dosages of Arabica and Robusta, know how to create the right ones blends that offer full flavor, fragrant aroma and roundness of the body, i.e. the essentials for a great coffee. The secret mixtures Hausbrandt is definitely their composition.

Quality is a value that requires all our time and is built on specific choices, like Hausbrandt, which always chooses to distribute its products exclusively in Ho.Re.Ca. Today, the Hausbrandt brand is present in over 70 countries worldwide, is recognized and appreciated for the excellence of the product, but also for the relationship that has been able to establish with customers, thanks to reliable partners. A goal that we want to share with those looking for quality every day, in every cup.

 An elegant Mittel-European style coffee that offers an enchanting floral aroma, a remarkable delicate sweetness and a delicious almond aftertaste.
A blend with a full flavor reminiscent of biscuits,hazelnut and caramel. Smooth, delicate and light, with less than 0,10% caffeine.
Strong roasty notes and fragrant hints of dried fruit – an intense aroma with less than 0,10% caffeine.
100% Arabica coffee blend. A warm, citrusy aroma that hints of spices. It offers hints of bitter cocoa and macaroons in the aftertaste.
An elegant Mittel-European style coffee with a complex aroma, it offers all the pleasure of an espresso in a larger serving and astonishes the palate with its smoothness, balance and sweetness.
Roasted ground coffee blend. A coffee with an appealing aroma enlivened with elegant spicy notes. It offers a balanced blend of tastes and scents reminiscent of biscuits, hazelnut and caramel. Fragrant, rich, enveloping.
Roasted ground coffee blend. Intense roasty notes and fragrant hints of dried fruit. Let yourself be enveloped by a full-bodied, distinct and bold coffee.
An exceptional washed coffee that is truly unique. The unmistakable scents of citrus, flowers and spices recall the Land of Sun – the Sidamo Plateau in south- western Ethiopia.
Extraordinary beans produce an unmistakable, intense coffee with unique flavor characteristics – full body, pronounced acidity and hints of flowers,fresh fruit and citrus.
A smooth, sweet and balanced coffee, it has a deliciously captivating aftertaste with notes of chocolate, hazelnut, almond and hazelnut chocolate.
 From India, a full-bodied coffee with notes of fruit and chocolate and a captivating spicy aroma.
 A full-bodied coffee from Central America witha lively, sweet flavor. Hints of chocolate and tropical fruit.
 Featuring a delightful aroma of dried fruit, spices and tobacco, Guatemala Althea offers the palate notes of tropical fruits and spices.


What you need to drink, Italian drink.

GALVANINA line: Italian spring water, drinks and iced tea 100% organic. Cola, lemonade, orange, bitter orange, lemonade, citron, mandarin, ginger, blood orange, grapefruit, pink grapefruit, cranberry and black carrot, lemon tea, peach tea, green tea, black tea, white tea.

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PLOSE line: 100% organic fruit juice. Orange, apricot, apple, pear, pineapple, peach, tangerine, orange and carrot, blueberry.

plose succhi bio