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The portal of food excellence and traditional sweets made ​​in Italy.


Our mission is to offer an “excellent sweet break”. Adagio is not merely artisanal gelato and chocolate, it is also a place where Italian traditional tastes combine together.

Our chocolate and gelato masters have created a complete, delicious recipe book by selecting traditional Italian recipes. Our creamy gelato and fruit sorbets come from high-quality ancient recipes; Italian Belluno valleys have provided us with years of tasty creamy gelato appreciated all over the world. Chocolate masters from Treviso (Italy) have transformed single-origin cocoa from around the world into unique flavors for the palate.

Adagio’s mission is not just about taste, it also concerns environmental sustainability: all our equipment and tools are biodegradable (spoons, paper cups, batch, glasses, tissues, shopper bags…) and the soap we use is organic.

We do care for the space we create within our parlors. They are all refined, rich in taste and unique flavors in order to deepen the experience of the customer in an exclusive, cozy atmosphere.

ADAGIO is a new concept of food store applied to the Italian gelato and chocolate parlor.

ADAGIO is the portal of excellence and MADE IN ITALY dessert traditions.

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We were born and grown up in Veneto (Italy), the ancient, extraordinary region of the 20th century Italian gelato masters. A few kilometers away from our headquarters, there is the Val Zoldana (Belluno), which is probably the most important Italian area for artisanal gelato’s history and tradition.

Within our parlors, we have completed the wonders of gelato with chocolate, the perfect partner with a strong local history. Italy, indeed, is the first place where, earlier than anywhere else, artisanal recipes are created, ensuring the global success of chocolate.

Being close to such lands full of passion and thanks to high-quality raw materials, we felt encouraged to develop ADAGIO.

Both our gelato and our chocolate combine tradition, research, innovation and emotion.